Indah for the Earth

Indah is a slow-fashion company with an emphasis on craftsmanship. Doing our part for the planet is a core motivation for us at Indah. We are constantly auditing our processes for areas of improvement. We will keep this page up to date with our initiatives to both lighten our footprint on mother earth and also create change proactively within the fashion industry.


Here are some of the ways we are doing our part for the planet:

INDAH uses POLLASTIC, a 100% recycled certified ocean bound waste plastic collected from beaches that is made into recyclable packaging. 

INDAH uses fabrics woven and knitted from FSC certified yarns that are biodegradable under marine and soil conditions. FSC chain of custody certification provides a credible assurance that products which are sold with an FSC claim originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources, or reclaimed materials. 

INDAH prints raw fabrics at our purpose-built, eco friendly Batik factory on the island of Bali. We use waterbed dyes which are filtered, returning our water to a ph balance that does not harm our surrounding ecosystem. 

INDAH is a fair trade factory. We pay fair wages to promote sustainable livelihoods. We provide safe working conditions, health insurance, maternity leave, and respect the rights, religions and lifestyle choices of all our workers. 

INDAH gives back on the Island of Bali (where Indah pieces are made). We work closely with the YPAC orphanage for disabled and mentally challenged children. Our monthly donations over the last 10 years have impacted the lives of 100's of children. We also work closely with the BUMI SEHAT foundation in Bali whose mission it is to birth babies into this life in a safe, gentle and clean environment regardless of race, religion or means.

We are currently implementing new recycling procedures for waste and dead-stock fabrics. We will update this page with more details as they are available.